Myth Busted – Buying/Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Real Estate professionals should not be telling you that it is not a good idea to buy or sell your home during the holidays. Sure, we are all busy during the holidays, but there are a lot of added benefits to house hunting during this time of year.


house-in-winter says that this is the best time for buying a home for a few reasons:

  1. There is less competition from other home buyers
  2. Sellers are more motivated…or desperate
  3. Tax advantages
  4. You can get a better look at the house during the most miserable time of the year
  5. Greater accessibility to your Realtor during the slower months

Contact us ASAP to get your holiday home search started! For more information check out the full article here.

Making Buying a Beach House Affordable

New Jersey is great for many things, its rolling farmland, bustling towns, and proximity to the beach! It’s hard to believe, but buying a home down the shore can actually be affordable.

Hannah Whittenly from RISMedia writes that there are some strategies you can use to find an affordable house at the beach. She says looking for a less desirable location, researching communities that are only open to residents during warmer months, renting out the house with a service like AirBnb, or buying a smaller house can help keep you in budget but get you to the beach!

For more information about the strategies Hannah suggests, check out the full article.



Would You Transform Your House for Hollywood?

A house built for Hollywood…in upstate NY! Marjorie Douglas has been living in her house, which features custom renovations, for 36 years, and operates it as a set for film and TV. Her house has appeared in over 50 SNL sketches, and for good reason – Marjorie and her late husband designed it in a way that it could serve as a set for several time periods and locations.


The article mentions that Marjorie and her late husband fell into this business by accident.


“She tells me that she once overheard a crew person assuming that she must have been a failed actress who never “made it”: “I have never wanted to be an actress,” she laughs. “This was meant to be a hobby that just turned into a business.”


Would you change your home for Hollywood? Check out this article for more information about the details of Marjorie’s house.


What can $1 Million Buy in NJ?

It’s all about location, location, location. An article recently came out describing what $1 million dollar homes look like in every single county in NJ. Some of them won’t surprise you — a $1 million on the Jersey Shore is hardly beach front, but there are some beautiful homes in lesser-known areas of NJ that are worth a look.


Check out the article here!

Buying a Home

Buying a home can be an intimidating experience. Luckily, a certified and experienced Real Estate Professional like The Terebey Relocation Team’s John Terebey Jr. can offer invaluable advice.

Working with one Real Estate Agent is important so that they can give you all of the attention you deserve. Make sure to find one with gleaming reviews, a proven track-record of recently sold homes, and one with a sense of humor — remember, you are going to have to speak to this person just about every day for the next few weeks!

When you are ready to make an offer on your home, your Real Estate Agent should remain communicative with you throughout the entire process. When your offer is accepted, your Real Estate Agent should remain part of the process by matching you with inspectors and mortgage lenders, and answering questions for you even during the attorney review process.

Your Real Estate Agent should be with you through the good and the bad, the appraisal and the inspections. After you and your Real Estate Agent go through your final walkthrough and make it to closing day, congratulations, the keys officially become yours!

Stopping a Renovation Scam Before It Begins

Renovating a home is already stressful enough without the thought that you could be getting scammed by your contractors. The Residential Specialist magazine put out by The Council of Residential Specialists has shined a light on this harrowing problem in the world of renovation.

They write:

“In 2016, more than 32,000 scams were reported to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). On average, homeowners lost $1,400 from shady contractors, painters and repairmen, according to the BBB.”

$1,400 is a lot of money. Ensuring you aren’t the victim of a renovation scam ultimately comes down to verifying your contractor’s reputation. Check out some of the tips they recommend to prevent this scam from happening to you.



Congratulations to Littlebrook Elementary School!

The schools in Central NJ are just another reason to move to this area! Niche’s annual rankings have come out and named Princeton NJ’s Littlebrook Elementary School #9th nationally for all public elementary schools, and #1 in New Jersey!


Check out other schools in the areas we serve that made the list!